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The anticipated release of the 2015 Midyear concert video. This year , The show will be send to you on USB in order to keep the quality of the 4 hour show at the highest standard and because its on USB its playable on more devices for your enjoyment.

ETI Interviews

ETI Interviews

When the opportunity arises, ETI’s CEO Pete Barter will interview an array of Artist, Performers and musicians. Click here to head to the Interview page 

ETI - HSC Charity Alliance

We are very excited about our partnership, which will bring the gift of music to people who are experiencing homelessness. Through this partnership ETI will run regular music lessons and jam sessions at Hutt St Centre, with the intention of producing an album of originals that will be available for sale. Help make a difference Donate today

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Congratulations, you are only a few clicks away from what we love to call a Life long partner of the Music industry By clicking here, you will be directed to a page that we are currently adding all of our events and milestones to so you can get a taste of the ETI Difference


The more often you do something, the quicker you get better at it !! We all have the ability to be brilliant, how we go about it is what separates all of us as humans. Some people need inspiration, some need facts while others need praise. What ever your reason, you will need to spend some time on developing your skill with practical practice.  Take The Challenge !!
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 Become an ETI_Member to reap more benefits  GREEN ETI_Membercard Entitles you to the following; Discounts between 10% and up to 40% at selected businesses and ETI partners  (List currently being Finalised )   GREEN ETI_Membercard is FREE and redeemable with every enrolment of 10 lessons or more. ______________________________________________________________________   SILVER ETI_Membercard   NEXT ETI FAMILY FUN DAY IS SCHEDULED FOR THE 13th OF SEPTEMBER    Entitles you to the following; Each SILVER member card entitles the owner to all of the ETI Green card as well as; Attendance at ETI’s quarterly  Family / Social events. The Silver card holder may invite up to 5 friends / family to the quarterly event.  Each event will be held in locations such as parks, beaches, cinemas,  theatres etc.  At some of these events, students will have the opportunity to perform for the group,  other attractions for ETI’s quarterly event may include, but  not limited to,  jumpy castles, private screenings of movies, special guest  appearances.   Obtaining a SILVER ETI_Membercard can only be done so by Purchase at $55 introductory offer per term. ( New joining members only ) (term 1 only) Renewing members...

Read April’s Instalment of ETI_Reviews. feat, Guy Sebastian & Richard Branson

  ETI_Reviews   Its been a busy few weeks with inspiration after inspiration opportunity!  This month’s ETI_Reviews is talking about Guy Sebastian, Richard Branson and the Shorts Festival.   So lets start with the amazing talents of Guy Sebastian.  If you have never seen Guy in concert then do yourself a big favour and next time he is in town check him out.  Last year I had the privilege of seeing Guy perform for the first time.  Now I will admit to you that although I liked his music I wasn’t his biggest fan.   However last year he introduced his new album Armageddon to an appreciative Adelaide audience.  I bopped through his “Memphis Album” medleys, cried through “Big Bad World”, swooned at “Keeper” and fell in love when he performed “Battlescars”.  So of course when the opportunity to go see him again this year came up I jumped!  Once again he amazed with his incredible stage presence, engaged the audience and astounded with his soul enriching vocals.  Wow, doesn’t come close to a description that is fitting.   His backing band is top quality and some of the best professional musician’s in Australia.  Unfortunately they never get the same billing as the lead star but goodness this band is good.  The camaraderie on stage is evident and shows the level of connection that they have.  Never missing a beat the band played, engaged with the crowd, sang and even danced throughout the show.   Pure professional entertainment.   Guy was in top form chatting with the audience and was proud to introduce the new members of his on...


 Modbury, South Australia This newly refurbished Building will soon be home to 300+ new ETI_students.

Read this issue of the ETI Informer and ETI’s Review of Mad March

In an effort to ensure that ETI remains current and understands the music industry, its ETI Central team embarked on a week long journey through many genres of music. Starting the week in Adelaide at the largest and most well respected World Music festival in the world – Womadelaide. A four day weekend of luscious indulgence in music, culture and art from around the world. The artists ranged from the well known and well respected musicians from around the world, through to french performance artists and local talent. I will attempt to describe some of the artist that graced the Womadelaide’s 7 stages but this only scratches the surface. I’m going to start with ‘Jimmy Cliff’, start with Jimmy I hear you ask? Yes, although the master is all things reggae and you can’t fathom the amazing quality and talents of his backing band, he is only one of the many extraordinary acts at Womad. So Jimmy….of the ‘I can see clearly now’, ‘Hakuna Mutata’, ‘Wild World’, and many other hits blew us away with his energy and pure star quality. It was clear that the man has been entertaining and performing for many many years. His stage presence was immediately captivating. Talk about stage presence, ‘The Correspondents’ performed on stage at 4 pm in the blistering 36 degree heat. This didn’t seem to dampen the energy from the lead singer. He danced, jumped and crowd surfed all while dressed in a long black velvet coat. Talk about committed to your brand! Awesome energy, electronic dance, think ‘Presets’ but absolutely crazy! For you drummers reading this, Michael Barker and...
Hi Team, Just wanted to give you some great feedback from Nick’s Mum – she said that she hasn’t see him this happy in years – he’s really enjoying the drumming tuition. Great work Regards Client Services Officer Barkuma Inc Client Services Officer

My son has been having drum lessons with ETI for almost a year now and he is becoming quite the accomplished drummer for a 9 year old! the ETI Educator ( Pete) has a fantastic style that engages really well with kids (of all ages) and encourages them to stretch themselves just that little bit further. He also has amazing contacts in the music industry and as a consequence is able to provide opportunities and experiences for his students that go beyond your standard music lesson. Thanks ETI – love your work!! Tami Norman

My son was 7 when he started learning electric guitar last year. The team from ETI were very helpful in advising us about instruments and organising lessons. Marty, the guitar teacher, is really good. He is patient and understands the needs of a young learner. The lessons have enabled my son to progessively improve his skills. We are happy with the service that ETI provides and are happy to recommend them to others. Ian Burge

“ETI is the dream combination of practical education and true inspiration.  As the father of a three-year-old, university level teacher and professional drummer for most of my life, the level of musicianship and raw excitement about music I witnessed in these students is unprecedented.” Mark Schulman Drummer, Author, Speaker, Producer, Teacher, Father Mark Schulman

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